We produce creative for folks big and small; whether you're a start-up business in need of a logo and a branding system, or you're well-established and looking for quality design solutions to be created within your existing system, we're here to meet your unique set of needs. Our high-impact designs work harder by standing out from the crowd, to say better and more interesting things about you.



It's important for you to send the right message by looking amazing.

That's why we work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met with reliable service and quality design solutions. Our cheerful services include:

Brand Identity Design + Planning

Brandmark (Logo) Design

Brand + Communications Strategy
Advertising (Traditional, Digital + Experiential)

Interior Branding + Largescale Graphics
Package + Apparel Design

Design Strategy + Execution
Print Design
Web Design

...and more

From design to copywriting, your needs are covered by Muskoka Design – your out-of-house creative department.



Muskoka Design has been helping businesses send the right message since 2011 from an island office, on Lake Joseph. The founder of Muskoka Design grew up here. So did her mother. So did her grandfather. So did his mother - and her grandfather was a Playfair (of Playfair island on Lake Joe).

Over the years, what began as a "one woman band" on an island developed into a sharp group of entrepreneurial artists who push the limits on everything (except your deadlines). You don't need to hire designers and copywriters, and add them to your staff. You can rely on us to be your out-of-house creative department.

If you want to look incredible, we're here to help you send the right message with high-impact design solutions that work hard to make you look better.



Your first consultation is free, and how you use it is up to you. Ask any question(s) you have on your mind, about a brand strategy for your business, our services, what you should make for dinner tonight or why we love ravens so much. The choice is yours. We'd love to chat!

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