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Whether you're a start-up business in need of a logo and a branding system, or you're well-established and looking for quality content solutions to elevate + support your existing brand, you've come to the right place. Here, you will find high-impact creative that works hard to stand out from the crowd, and say bigger + more interesting things about you!



Let's clarify and enhance your brand. I want to get people to pay more attention to your business, by generating graphics and/or written content that makes you look amazing.


I'm here to provide you with reliable + friendly service, insightful guidance, and world class design solutions + copywriting. My cheerful and effective services can supply you with:

Brand Identity Systems + Content Creation

Brandmark (Logo) Design

Brand + Communications Strategy
Advertising (Traditional, Digital + Experiential)

Interior Branding + Largescale Graphics
Package Design

Apparel Design

Design Strategy + Execution
Print + Magazine + Brochure Design
Peace of Mind + Results

...and more



Muskoka Design Solutions is a small, nimble creative engine led by me: Carly Hoffman. Over the years, I’ve been lucky. I was mentored by some of “The Best” graphic designers + creative directors in the industry – and I’ve worked across all creative fields, from organizational branding and strategic copywriting, to high-profile package design, full-scale magazine design, high-level marketing initiatives, and more. (I’ve even had the opportunity to write + design a few books!)

There are so many amazing businesses in this burgeoning area; so, I decided to “do my thing” in Muskoka and help them with the
elevated + sophisticated brand communication they deserve.

I want to
advance your brand’s position by saying something meaningful about you (insight-driven creative) – and I want to help you stand out from the crowd by looking different (world class design + copywriting).


If you’re looking for high-impact design + content solutions that work hard to make you look amazing, call me, email me, or fill out the contact form below to get in touch.



Muskoka Design Contact Image - Raven

I think we should start with a good, “old fashioned” phone call, to see if we’re a good fit! So, I offer a free, one-hour consultation to all of my visitors from Muskoka, and beyond!


Let's talk about what you need, what your goals are, how you can accomplish them, potential solutions to the creative challenges you may be facing, and more.


You can ask me questions about anything, from graphic design and creative content generation, to why I moved to Muskoka (or why I love ravens so much)… how you spend your hour is up to you! Just fill out the form below, and I’ll call you at your best time.

--- Thanks!

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